Online COMPING service

Tracking an astonishing performance in one only take is an art, sometimes a fortuity, more often just not enough. Comping is then the art of accurately selecting, matching and collating excerpts from several takes, making sure the final result is the best possible, delivering all the emotion and the truth your artist can provide. Send us your takes and let us do the selection, we’ll use all our musical feeling, technique and expertise to build the most true, effective and catchy performance.

What you get from us

  • Professional vocal or instrumental comping service
  • One draft watermarked .mp3 file for your review (1 revision is included)
  • One professionally comped file, delivered as a high quality (44.1 kHz / 24 bit) .wav file

What we need from you

  • High quality audio files for each take (maximum 10 takes) of the same line/instrument (multiple tracks are allowed for multi-input instruments - e.g. a multitrack drumset recording. In that case we need the same takes for each track)
  • Any suggestion, requirement, desire, explanation about your needs (especially important for vocal comping services! What kind of emotion should the performance deliver?)
  • A reference to work with (the instrumental base, plus a metronome reference or tempo map)
  • The lyrics of the song (mandatory for vocal comping projects). A score would be great for instrumental comping

What we’d love to receive from you

  • Additional information about your artistic and sonic goal. Give us more about the story that this performance should tell your audience
  • The lyrics of your song (if providing a vocal track)
  • An authorisation to add your song to our portfolio
  • Full credit on your release(s). We will give you information about the correct credits for our service, and we’d really appreciate it
  • Special bundle - Does the track belong to something you would like us to mix? In this case the comping service can be bundled! Comping will be discounted